Manufacturers of circuit and electronic systems must take into consideration the hazards to electronic components stemming from electromagnetic interference (EMI), static charge accumulation, and electrostatic discharge (ESD). To simulate and predict charged plasma behaviors, engineers trust Ansys EMA3D Charge to model charging, discharging, and charge carrier transport across a wide range of applications, in one streamlined workflow.

The numerical methods and solver technologies integrated into EMA3D Charge support fast and accurate simulations of electromagnetic phenomena that can’t be modeled using only analytical equations, enabling companies to save time and money on current projects and better prepare for future projects through virtual prototyping, predictive accuracy, and EM modeling.

Ansys EMA3D Charge helps engineers assess and manage risks associated with excessive charge build-up in a system that can cause material degradation, arcing, and EMI in harsh radiation environments or high voltage systems. It addresses numerous charging and discharging phenomena, including:

  • Air breakdown in high-voltage systems
  • Surface charging in low and high energy plasma environments, as well as through triboelectrification
  • Internal charging of solid materials from high-energy particle fluxes
  • Coupled charging
  • Dielectric breakdown in solid dielectric materials

Take your advanced electronic product designs to the next level.

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