Ansys Additive Print eliminates the guesswork and hours of wasted time in metal additive manufacturing (AM) workflows. This easy-to-use, yet powerful stand-alone solution, is essential for AM operators and designers that need to build parts first-time-right.

Additive Print delivers unparalleled accuracy in predicting:

  • Final shape of the printed part.
  • Layer-by-layer distortion and stress.
  • Optimal support structures.
  • Distortion-compensated STL files.
  • Potential blade crash.
Why Use Ansys Additive Print?
  • Reduce physical trial-and-error experiments.
  • Mitigate uncertainty.
  • Design geometries for more accurate printing.
  • Accelerate production.
  • Gain confidence in prices quoted to customers.
  • Reduce build failures for laser powder bed fusion.