Ansys Speos Helps You See Optical Simulation in a New Light

Turn on the light in your virtual model and intuitively explore the propagation of light in 3D. The Speos Live preview function features simulation and rendering capabilities so you can design products interactively. Cut iteration time and speed up your decision-making process by performing simulations correctly the first time, automatically designing for optical surfaces, light guides and optical lenses. To match your performance specifications, Speos combines powerful light analysis capabilities with illumination evaluation across the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing for high-fidelity visualization based on human vision capabilities. Deploy these visualizations in virtual reality for a fully immersive review experience.

Ansys Forte accurately simulates IC engine combustion performance with nearly any fuel, helping you to rapidly design cleaner burning, high-efficiency, fuel-flexible engines. Ansys FENSAP-ICE provides fast, accurate aircraft icing assessment to ensure safety and speed for in-flight icing certification.