Ansys CFX is a high-performance computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool that delivers reliable and accurate solutions quickly and robustly across a wide range of CFD and multi-physics applications. CFX is recognized for its outstanding accuracy, robustness and speed with rotating machinery such as pumps, fans, compressors, and gas and hydraulic turbines.

Why use Ansys CFX?

Ansys CFX software is a high-performance, general-purpose fluid dynamics program that engineers have applied to solve wide-ranging fluid flow problems for over 20 years. At the heart of CFX is its advanced solver technology, the key to achieving reliable and accurate solutions quickly and robustly. The modern, highly parallelized solver is the foundation for an abundant choice of physical models that capture virtually any type of phenomena related to fluid flow. The solver and models are wrapped in a modern, intuitive, and flexible GUI and user environment, with extensive capabilities for customization and automation using session files, scripting and a powerful expression language.

  • Efficient and Flexible Workflow
  • Built for Multiphysics
  • Solve Complex Models with Confidence
  • Rotating Machinery
  • Go Faster with High Performance Computing
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • Heat Transfer & Radiation
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Mesh Flexibility
  • Go Further with CFX Solver Technology
  • Chemical Reactions & Combustion
  • Immersed Solid Method
CFX Enhancements and Options:
  • Geometry Defeaturing and Editing
  • Six-Sigma Analysis and Design Exploration
  • Advanced Meshing
  • Turbomachinery-Specific Add-On Modules
  • Rapid 2-D Through-Flow Analysis
  • Rapid 3-D Blade Design Tool
  • Turbo-Specific Meshing Tool

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