Companies ready to experience the benefits of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software often want to test the waters before taking a deep dive. One way to explore the software without a large financial investment is by hiring Rand simulation software experts to run tests for you. Another is by purchasing Ansys CFD Pro.

Ansys CFD Pro delivers a simplified user interface that is ideal for those who want to simulate common CFD applications while learning about the software. It is less expensive than the full Ansys CFD Premium package, and it:

  • Uses the proven modern Ansys Fluent workflow, meshing technology, and core solver
  • Enables the “Refine” mode in Ansys Discovery, so a design optimized in its “Explore” mode can be more accurately investigated in the Fluent solver without leaving Discovery

With licenses for Ansys CFD Pro and Ansys Discovery, designers can move from instantaneous physics to more accurate CFD simulations.

Capabilities (Fluent Interface and Discovery Interface)

Developed as an introductory product, Ansys CFD Pro delivers the capabilities needed by those new to simulation software to address fluid flow issues like velocity and density. It comes with the following capabilities:

  • CAD import
  • Steady-state flow and heat transfer (excluding radiation)
  • Basic turbulence models – inviscid, laminar, k-epsilon, k-omega (standard and SST) and Spalart-Allmaras
  • HPC: 4 HPC cores included, additional core accessed via Ansys HPC licensing
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) in solids; Porous media (isotropic, orthotropic and conical)
  • Fluid state models: Incompressible, Bousinesq approximation
  • Fluid state models: Compressible (ideal gas), non-Newtonian fluids
  • Rotating reference frames, multiple reference frames, 2D fan model, multi-stream mixing (multiple non-reacting species)
  • Fluent Meshing: Watertight Meshing workflow including Polyhedral, Poly-Hexcore with Mosaic technology, Tetrahedral and Prism meshing
  • Fluent Setup and Post Processing, including Reports
  • Parameters and expressions

Take your product designs to the next level.

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