Ansys Q3D Extractor software is the premier 3-D and 2-D parasitic extraction tool for engineers designing electronic packaging and power electronic equipment. Q3D Extractor uses method of moments (integral equations) and FEMs to compute capacitive, conductance, inductance and resistance matrices. It uses the fast multipole method (FMM) to accelerate the solution of the integral equations. Outputs from the solver include current and voltage distributions, CG and RL matrices. Q3D Extractor efficiently performs 3-D and 2-D electromagnetic field simulation required for the extraction of resistance, conductance, partial inductance and capacitance RLCG parameters from a design and automatically generates a netlist in many formats, including SML (Ansys Simplorer format) and SPICE. Q3D Extractor is capable of generating S-parameters exported using the Touchstone format, which represent the n-port network parameter data of a device or passive interconnect network. Such frequency dependency can be included in simulations through dynamic links with Ansys DesignerSI and Ansys Simplorer products.