Ansys HFSS software is the industry standard for simulating 3-D full-wave electromagnetic fields. Its gold-standard accuracy, advanced solver and high-performance compute technology have made it an essential tool for engineers doing accurate and rapid design of high-frequency and high-speed electronic components. .Each HFSS solver incorporates a powerful, automated solution process, so you need only to specify geometry, material properties and the desired output. From there, HFSS automatically generates an appropriate, efficient and accurate mesh for solving the problem using the selected solution technology. With HFSS, the physics defines the mesh; the mesh does not define the physics.HFSS offers multiple state-of the-art solver technologies based on finite element, integral equation or advanced hybrid methods to solve a wide range of microwave, RF and high-speed digital applications. The software includes a linear circuit simulator with integrated Optimetrics for input and matching network design.

High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) Outputs

Ansys HFSS can help you understand outputs from antennas, ICs, chips, packages, PCBs and RF & microwave components.

Some of the outputs you can get using Ansys HFSS include:

  • SYZ-parameters
  • Electromagnetic Fields
    • Electric
    • Magnetic
    • Current
    • Poynting
  • Conductor and Substrate Losses
  • Radiated Fields and Efficiency
  • Far Field Antenna Pattern & Gain
  • Thermal Loads for Multiphysics Analysis
  • A ready-to-manufacture product

Take your electronics product designs to the next level.

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