Ansys Electronics Desktop

Ansys Electronics Desktop is the premier, unified platform for electromagnetic, circuit and system simulation. Gold-standard tools like Ansys HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor, and Simplorer are built natively in the Electronics Desktop, which serves as a universal Pre/Post processor for these tools. With Ansys Electronics Desktop, you can integrate rigorous electromagnetic analysis with system and circuit simulation in a comprehensive, easy-to-use design platform. The Solver on Demand technology enables you to combine electromagnetic simulators with circuit- and system-level simulations to explore full system performance. Electronics Desktop products link to Ansys Workbench for full multiphysics simulation and optimization of your product under real-world physical conditions.


Reduce your design-cycle and time-to-market by ensuring your electronics design is validated, cost-effective, operable and certification-ready.

  • Power integrity and signal integrity analysis
  • Electromagnetic interference and compatibility
  • Wireless and RF
  • Thermal management
  • Electric machine analysis
  • Electronics reliability simulation

Take your product designs to the next level.

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